too many ideas…

in my head. sometimes.

my friend asked me about design for her business card. she is a hair stylist. text for this project is her idea. rest – mine.

that was my #1 idea:


she said: ok, but show me something with photos.

so, idea #2:


she said: not bad, but I think this graphic is better…

so idea #3:


she said: I don’t know…. show me more.

idea #4:


I don’t know why, but I like this yellow. but this is not my business card…

she didn’t find yellow too good.

but we find something what she likes – the final design for her business card is:

business card

even if I don’t like pink color – I like this BC. and printed this pink looks really good.

Let me know if you need your business card. We can find something for you too :)